Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year. New Rule?

Hello again and Happy (belated) New Year!! Please accept our humblest apologies for not posting as often. We are currently playing with new designs and layouts for the TipYourWaiter initiative among other things, and have met some challenges along the way. Stick around kids!! It only gets better!

Lets dive in. Shall we?!


    December 31, 2013 is a day that will forever live in infamy in the "serversphere" (I made that up). One of the things that servers fear (you like that don't you) is serving a party of 8 or more and not being tipped accordingly. For that very reason the 18% rule in restaurants has been in place to protect us from such nonsense. However on this day the 18% rule has been outlawed in the United States. 

     I'm bothered, befuddled, and bewildered that this has taken place. Firstly, there are no laws to protect the server. Second, there is no tip etiquette education provided to patrons whom frequent fine dining establishments. My final beef is that the people who passed said law have probably never served a day in their lives, and are ignorant to the wages and day-to-day business of the modern server. This is an outrage, and a huge slap in the face to the people they depend on to make their dining experience a pleasant one. I could stress the hackneyed refrain ,"servers only make 2.13 an hour". By now everyone knows that. However what I want to remind people of is that we are SERVERS and not SERVANTS!! We are not beggars, paupers, vagabonds, panhandlers, or slaves. We are the face of the restaurant that you choose to stuff your face and be accommodated, and so much more! The treatment of servers is less than human as is, then in walks a law preventing us from getting our "just due".

  Nobody outside of the restaurant industry considers the nuances that come with serving a party of 8 or more. Many people barking out orders, switching seats, trickling into the restaurant later or earlier than the rest of the party, refills, questions about the menu ( all of which the answers of said questions with have to be repeated over and over again because nobody was listening). The list goes on forever. I didn't even mention the time it takes to split checks and take payment. We are doing more than serving the table. We are the photographer, baby/kid silencer, and  personal somelier to 8 or more different people!! 18% isn't reasonable?! 18% is against the law now?! For taking care of your needy asses and annoying ass kids?! 

  The origin of the word "tips" comes from the acronym " To Insure Proper Service". Restaurant goers used to place cash at the edge of the table during the meal that was specifically for the server. This was to give the server incentive to do a great job on the table so they can reap a generous reward for a job well done. Times have definitely changed, and people want proper service without rewarding their server. Something for nothing. To those reading this that are not servers I'd like you to be considerate of people's livelihood. Stinginess weighs a ton in the realm of Karma. ALWAYS tip your waiter. There's never an excuse not to. There's never an excuse to lowball a server's tip during a party. Don't assume that just because you're in a party and somebody else tips that you don't have to do so. That server served you too. Tip 20% on the total of YOUR bill. It's about respect at this point. 

Servers stand your ground the best you can in this fight. You're not alone.