Wednesday, December 11, 2013

French Onion Soup: A Taste of Italy

      A couple barrels in to an Italian restaurant on a brisk winter's day and are craving soup. The husband at first glance would be perceived as a hard working country man lookin' fer some good eatin'. The wife maintains that slightly annoying disposition of routinely being polite. The young man serving the table politely attempts to give the couple a tour of the menu. Upon reciting the featured favorites, the wife interrupts the young man with "UH UH! I jist wont summa yawls French Unyin Soop"! The server quickly retorts with, "I'm sorry ma'am, but we only have minestrone, ITALIAN wedding, and SICILIAN chicken noodle." "WELL wha dontchall have French Unyin anymower", belched the corpulent and disgruntled woman. The server then looks to the husband to interject and soothe his untamed wife, but the husband is disturbingly entranced by his phone and slinging a portly red bird into a wall with a green pig hiding behind it. 
     The server then fights the internal fight that servers all over struggle with everyday. To unleash the inner jerk and weave a thick quilt of sarcasm, or politely allude to the poor woman that one receives Italian cuisine in an Italian establishment. He goes with the ladder, but the lady just cannot fathom that Italians don't specialize in French "Unyin" soup. She then professes to the server that someone made it for her before and demands to see a manager. The server obliges. As the manager approaches the table, he acknowledges both the husband and wife. Only the wife responds verbally as her beet red cheeks shake like a Sweet n Low packet. The husband is still fingering his device while biting his bottom lip. The contents of the conversation between the manager and the woman are unclear. However it ends in the couple leaving and the manager giving them free appetizer vouchers.......... -_- Upon walking out of the store the husband wheezes ,"Have a blessed day".

   It is also unclear why the manager would want them to even return as it is clear that they are inept, and are not the type of clientele who spends big money. My take away from this experience is the next time I order Chinese, I'm going to attempt to order a slice of Mexican Cornbread and see what I'm offered...



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