Monday, December 9, 2013


Every server worth their salt knows that he or she is a salesperson first and a human second. At least that is what we were conditioned by "corporate" to think. Anywho, said server is responsible for an introductory welcome sales pitch to their guests upon seating. These pitches include a greet, an informative briefing on menu items, and beverage suggestion/inquiry. That list is affectionately known to servers all over as a "spiel". Being a part time sever/bartender over 6 years has taught me that life and death lies in the power of the spiel (you heard it here first). One can determine their tip, gauge the personalities, or find the buyer(s) at the table just off of the content of their spiel. Having said all of this, I thought I'd apply that same principle to the blogosphere!! So....Welcome to Tip Your Waiter!!

       Tip Your Waiter is a running journal on day to day experiences in the food and beverage industry. All shift I keep a poker face and tailor my words to fit into the paradigm designed by the ever-looming "corporate" entity. Only (and I amplify the word only) because for me to survive I need that source of income and fast cash in this economy. This blog is my emphatic "F*CK YOU" to all of the corporate entities, cheap ass guests, miserable management, and classless ass hats that frequent restaurants and retail. The best part about this blog is that I am inviting all of my brothers and sisters in the food and bev and retail struggle to come and vent a little. 

       There will be a fair share of the ass hats that I've mentioned before to read and participate in this blog, and that is great. Here you will learn proper etiquette and what your server, bartender, cashier, and customer service rep is really saying about your backwards ass *laughs*. After reading this blog you will be informed on how to tip, how to act in public, and the proper way to treat the person assisting you. There's something for everyone. Even you... Moving forward I want everybody who frequents this site to feel free to share their experiences, stories, thoughts, and whatever else. Let this be your place to vent!! We will answer questions, shoot down stereotypes, and most importantly make sure people know to TIP YOUR WAITER 20% ON THE TOTAL OF THE BILL!!!


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